Founding by Oscar Heyman
Oscar Heyman, founded in 1912, is a New York manufacturer of the very finest precious stone jewellery; one of a handful of family-owned shops still dedicated to European-style craftmanship and "by hand" fabrication.

Family history
The family of six brothers and three sisters emigrated from Latvia in the early 1900s. Having apprenticed at a Fabergé workshop in Russia, two of the brothers had extensive experience with platinum, a new metal at that time. Another brother was skilled at toolmaking. Together, they were able to establish a self-contained company where quality could be monitored at all stages.

Oscar Heyman today
To this day, the firm continues to make its own tools, alloy its own platinum and gold as well as design and create each piece of jewellery to exacting specifications. Oscar Heyman continues to be a supplier and a key source for the finest retail jewellers worldwide.

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