Birth of the Hermès company
Thierry Hermès was born in 1801. He moved to France from Prussia in 1821. Hermès founded his company, a wholesale leather goods shop, in 1837. In 1879, his son Emile-Charles Hermès acquired the flagship building at 24, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, and expanded the business into retailing by manufacturing and selling saddles.

Hermès in the 20th century
In the early twentieth century, Hermès developed detailed saddle-stitching techniques for the production of wallets, luggage, handbags, watchbands, and accessories for golfing, hunting and polo-playing, and began to design couture sportswear. The company has remained a family-run business that has always been committed to making their products with fine materials and attention to detail for more than 160 years; it has continued to build on its reputation for superb quality. The fourth generation of owners added scarves and perfume to the line, and the fifth generation became President-Director General in 1978.

Hermès today
One of the most popular and best-selling items in the Hermès line is the scarf. The company is also famous for the "Kelly Bag," which was based on a saddle bag, and was first launched in 1937. Since the 1980s, the names of designers associated with Hermès have included Eric Bergere, Martin Margiela and Jean Paul Gaultier. Hermès jewellery is always iconic and of great technical quality.Today Hermès has more than 215 stores around the world, and countless boutiques in high-end department stores in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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