Birth of the Louis Wolfers company
Louis François Guillaume Wolfers, who had completed his masterpiece in 1838 in Augsburg, established his own company in 1850 in Brussels. In 1852, he registered his master's mark and married Henriette Ruthenberg in 1858. His studio then moved to 23, Rue des Long Chariots. From 1877 onwards, his sons, Philippe, Max and Robert, were sent as apprentices to Germany, France, the Netherlands and Austria.

Wolfers as a family business
In 1885, Philippe married Sophie Wildstädter and the company was renamed Louis Wolfers Père et Fils. Five years later, by which time Max had become involved in managing the company, a new shop and studios for the manufacture of jewellery were opened on the Rue du Loxum. In 1897, Robert arranged for the installation of hydraulic presses. In the same year, after Louis' death, the name of the company was changed to Wolfers Frères. The company mark or maker's mark was changed to three five-pointed stars around 1893.

Wolfers in the twentieth century
The new location in the Arenbergstraat, which was designed by Victor Horta in 1909, was used from 1912 onwards. After the death of Philippe Wolfers, the company was led by his son Marcel (1886 - 1976) and restructured under the name of Maison Wolfers Frères S.A. in 1935. After the war, his cousin Freddy Wolfers took charge of the company.